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Your love story is one of a kind, and that's exactly how your wedding day deserves to be remembered. Two human beings saying 'yes' to each other and all the beautiful, emotional, raw moments that come with embarking on this journey. You are adventurous souls with kind hearts. You want the most beautiful images, I want to tell love stories with a pulse and a soul. And that's precisely why we make such a great team.



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True love comes when you lose where you end and they begin and the atoms in your souls forget where they belong and slowly you become pieces of each other too close now to ever be apart.

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Be with someone who makes it fun to be in love.



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Eric Rockburn

“I’m not much for talking about myself, but it turns out it’s really important.”

It’s important because if we get the chance to work together—the chance to find exactly the right way to capture the life, spirit, and joy of your wedding day—we’re going to need to get to know one another. I’ll go first: 

I love documenting life with a creative eye, whether I’m working with couples or a young family. I like getting in the mix, up close and personal with the people and places I shoot because that’s the best way I know to show what’s really happening. The same goes for my relationship with you—this is about you, so working together closely is the ideal way we’re going to get a great set of images out of it. And I know that’s what’s made the whole process such a success for the couples I’ve photographed, and I’m thankful to have been a part of it. 

I am primarily a wedding and lifestyle photographer that loves his job. I love life, my wife, and kids and just hanging out with rad people. Photography is my absolute greatest passion outside of my personal life. I take every project on with great respect and expect nothing but success. Let me tell your story.



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