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I have a passion for capturing authentic moments for real couples.


Allow Me To Handcraft Your Images

from camera to finished product. your love story in print.



I understand what needs to be done, and then just do it. All day. Over and over. Consistently. Nicely. Unobtrusively. With a smile.

I know when to be photographers, and when to be wedding coordinators. Or therapists. Or cat herders. I know how to keep your day on schedule. I know how to use our surroundings to make great images. All day. No matter the weather. It's what I do.

I professionally work with every other vendor of yours to get the results you are expecting. I know how all the pieces of your wedding day fit together. I know it's not all about the photography. I get that photographing weddings is both an art and science.

My photographic style is best described as natural. As in, you will look very comfortable in your images. I am skilled at capturing you and your guests "going about your lives" during your wedding day. Natural smiles, genuine emotions and real moments. As they happened, not as I forced them upon you. I am at my best when I get to "button-pushing" mode. As in, you live your life, I push the buttons on the camera and capture what I see.

Great photography is the only wedding day investment guaranteed to appreciate with time. You will not regret making the decision to make the investment in my services.

Don't just tell great stories about your wedding day... show great images.

My goal is to get to know you and tell your story. I want to capture the emotion of your day along with all of the beauty and all of the fun. Each couple and each wedding is a brand new story for me to tell and I would love to tell yours.



Eric Rockburn



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